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If you currently have a wellness or health initiative program for your company, The Health Care System’s books, journals, seminars and newsletters can be the perfect complement to your program.

Author and noted speaker Brent C. Aleshire; “Never before has the emphasis been stronger on educating employees in matters of health. A healthy employee reduces costs stemming from absenteeism, loss of productivity, higher claims and insurance costs. My book, seminars and newsletter are designed to play an important part in your message to all employees to take charge of your health.”

Discounts are available for large quantity book and newsletter orders. Book covers and newsletters can be customized to include company logos, quotes and photos of your company’s executives.

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Book A Seminar

The Health Care System offers seminars that emphasize the importance of self-responsibility and being your own patient advocate.

Author and noted speaker Brent Aleshire’s “Take Charge” seminar features powerful real life examples of why it is critical to know the secrets to receiving the very best health care. During each seminar Brent shares his 25 plus years of insider experience and covers important topics such as:

  • How to Take Charge of Your Medical Team
  • Know the Keys to Effective Communication in a Health Care Setting
  • What is Gold Standard Health Care and How to Receive It
  • Why Medical Error Prevention Strategy Is So Important
  • The Importance of using a Personal Health Care Journal

Brent is also available for media interviews. To contact Brent and schedule an event or to request a press kit:


Phone: 1-800-295-4508

About Brent C. Aleshire, MSW

Brent C. Aleshire is a leader in educating consumers about the health care process. With a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Brent has been an insider in the health care industry since 1980. Through How to Receive the Best Health Care for You and Your Family, Brent shares his personal experience and insight and provides a unique perspective about the health care process.

Brent is an experienced public speaker and his instructional audio tape, “Hospitals: Understanding the Maze,” is a Mature Media award winner.

According to Brent: “Health care is dynamic, frustrating, fast-paced and confusing. We provide consumers with a wealth of information they need as they face an increasingly complicated and confusing health care world. Our book, journal, seminars and newsletters focus on vital health care issues and give consumers the power and tools to ensure effective health care treatment. Our goal is to educate consumers so they can confidently approach the health care experience and get the treatment and services they need and deserve.”

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